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A Hazy Shade of Winter?

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Fall is definitely in the air, and that is no more apparent than here, in the DC ‘burbs. The chilly air isn’t stopping the dyes from revealing their breathtaking selves, though, and they are really looking forward to becoming presents this holiday season!

A few TDT updates are in order!

I’ve started dying silk veils for belly dancers.

etsy silk belly dance veiletsy silk belly dance veil

etsy silk belly dance veiletsy silk belly dance veil

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Its Summer and time to Dye!

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The weather is warm, and there is no better way to live in the sunshine of your life than with a little fabric rainbow on your body. The Tie Dye Tree is ramping back up, so please, start planning your summer tie dye wardrobe now!

While dyed adults are hot, sexy beasts, I have to say that there is truly nothing cuter than a baby in tie dye. It represents their spirit, their growth to come… and its just plain adorable. Plus, it hides stains and if they spit up, nobody can really tell!

A customer just sent me this photo of a TieDyeTree original dye job, with a little rasta enhancement. Little Thomas wore this for his first Halloween in 2008.

Thomas, you are amazing!

Thomas Rasta Baby

Thomas Rasta Baby, the sequel!

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Who cares what that groundhog said? Its time to think spring! Order your tie dye by Feb 28, 2009 for mid-March delivery!!


February Orders!

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If you need a custom-dyed item delivered by mid-February, please be sure to let us know by Feb 2, 2009! Don’t know how to order? Click  here!!

Put some spring back into your step with a winter tie dye shirt! All the cool kids are doing it!


Welcome to the Tie Dye Tree!

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Tie Dye Toddler